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Headaches: 5 Common Home Remedies

A few days ago, I had a severe headache, and taking medication simply didn’t prove to be very fruitful. Because, after six hours, I need another bunch of tablets. That for sure does not sound good and not advisable. So, I researched the remedies that can give quick relief for seasonal headaches. Here, I am compiling these tips for you. I found out, and let me tell you, some of these tips proved to be very effective.

I was surprised to know that headaches are common conditions that so many people face daily, even regularly. And they range from being uncomfortable to completely unbearable; they can even hamper your daily functioning.

These headaches are classified from common tension headaches to cluster headaches which are very painful and occur in clusters. And then there are the famous migraines that may be at times mildly felt and at others severely debilitating. Yes, as I said earlier, many great medications are available for headaches. But, wait, let me share with you what I have recently discovered.

Did you drink enough water today?

When you experience a headache drink some water. Did you know that when your body lacks adequate supply of water and suffers from dehydration you may develop a headache?

Some researchers have proven that chronic dehydration is a leading cause of what they call the tension headaches even migraines.

Did you know that drinking water can help relieve the symptoms brought about by headaches of people suffering from dehydration within 30 minutes to three hours? Yes, and this is proven through many research journals also.

So drink enough water to stay headache free and while at it take water rich foods to remain hydrated.

Headache & Not Enough Sleeping

Lack of enough sleep can be harmful to your health in many ways, and causes headaches in a lot of people.

People who sleep less than six hours a night are victims of severe headaches frequently. It’s not me saying it’s shown through a lot of research.

Hey, did you know that you may even have a headache if you sleep too much? So take just the right amount of sleep to keep away from headaches.

Evidence says that it takes seven to nine hours of sleep per night to naturally prevent headaches.

Elimination of some Diet: Headache & home remedies

Some Studies indicate that food allergies and intolerances may be a cause of headaches.

If you fear that there may be a certain food that may be causing you to suffer frequent headaches, you may want to try an elimination diet procedure based on removing the foods you think may be triggering headache symptoms.

Here’s a thing for you, cheese that has been sitting for too many days in your fridge may be a source of your intolerable headache.  Alcohol and chocolates can trigger headaches, specifically among people who experience migraines.

Drinking Caffeinated Tea or Coffee Headache & home remedies:

Drinking caffeinated beverages like tea or coffee relieve your headaches.

Caffeine has the ability to improve your mood. It increases your alertness and constricts your blood vessels. All these play a positive role in decreasing headache symptoms.

Caffeinated beverages also help boost the effectiveness of some medications, such as ibuprofen and ace6. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils: Headache & home remedies

Essential oils have many benefits. And these essential oils are used topically only. However, some essential oil ingested with salad dressings.

Lavender and Peppermint essential oils are especially very helpful in treating your headaches.

Using some peppermint essential oil on the temples has proved effective in reducing the symptoms of tension-related headaches. Applying lavender oil to the upper lip and inhaling it has shown to be useful in reducing symptoms associated with migraines.

Summing it up:

So do try out these most common and easily accessible remedies whenever you feel a headache coming on. They will not only rid you of your bad headache but prove to be cost-effective and refreshing also.

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